Like with most herbal medicines, preparation and dosage of Black Locust Flower tincture is a very simple procedure. Bellow you can find the exact dosages and preparations methods.

Skin treatment

The crushed flowers help in healing of the skin after burns. They may be applied to the affected area (add a few drops of water and crush it in your pestle and mortar or a blender) and leave it on for a couple of hours. It acts as a pain reliever.

Digestive system

Used internally, it calms stomach burns, and is usually recommended to individuals who suffer from hyperacid gastritis and distensions. It is helpful in easing digestion. Flower powder is also used in cases of gastritis, duodenal and gastric ulcer.

Respiratory system

As a good emollient and expectorant, Black Locust is excellent in treatments of cough, sore throat, bronchitis and asthma.

Stress and insomnia

Black Locust has a sedating and calming effect, and could be very useful in cases of headaches and stress. Infusion added to baths can help young children who suffer from insomnia.


Combines well with lime flowers for a relaxing remedy for mental fatigue and nervousness.Drinking this after meals helps to alleviate burning in the stomach and is helpful with gastritis.

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This tree, which has often been given a bad name for its opportunistic rapid growth and robust thorns, is said to be native to the Appalachian Mountain range, though it has become naturalized throughout the United States, southern Canada, and even parts of Europe and Asia. The species is incredibly adaptive, grows in many elevations, micro-climates, and soil types.

Black locust is known for its diuretic, emollient and anti-spasmodic properties. Some also consume cooked flowers to relieve eye problems. The flowers are even known to contain a chemical which may help to combat tumors.